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Tailwind From Scratch

A fun project-based course to learn the Tailwind CSS framework and teach you how to build layouts super fast

About This Course

Code Sandbox

We will start off by working in a sandbox to get you familiar with the utility classes. You'll learn classes for colors, typography, spacing, borders, flex, grid and much more.

5 Mini-Projects

After learning the fundamentals with the sandbox, we will start with some small projects that take 10-20 minutes to complete. This includes a newsletter form card, pricing grid, small image gallery, product modal and login form.

6 Website Projects

We have 6 landing page website projects in this course. Frontend Mentor was kind enough to let us use some of their challenge website projects as inspiration.

Course Credits

Brad Traversy is the course instructor and project developer

Csaba Kissi is a course project developer

Frontend Mentor is a collaborator for project inspiration

Course Projects

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